Feb 4, 2013


When we first met it was all over
And I was too scared to try,
To cheer me up you told me a secret
You said you were the only girl in the world who could fly
We went around looking for happy faces
And I always wondered if they ever cried
You said their eyes have gone to heaven
All they have now is the sense of sight
On Sunday morning you woke me up early
Said you had some business with the world
You wanted to see if the birds are still singing
Or did they all give up on earth
I always wondered what made you so happy and
Why everyone else got so mind-fucked
Then I remembered what you once told me
You were the only girl who could fly
Last November it was raining
I felt it was strange but didn’t bother why
I think I knew you sometime December
And I forgot to ask you why!
You look at a blank paper like it is a painting
Of two people who look happy to be alive
I wish I had the life left in me
But then all my tears have run dry
There was something about the mornings
You believed that you could read the skies
Like they told you the night will wash over
And they’ve been fixing this problem since the beginning of time.
Why stray dogs are always so afraid
And why crows always steal and fly
But somehow the man walking home from work
Will always forget the flowers for his wife
I wondered what made you so happy and
Why everyone was so mind-fucked
Then I remember what you once told me
You were the only girl who could fly
Surprisingly I feel you’ve changed
And now you like listening to blues
And Mr. Bright-eyes as I reckon is yet to get the credit of his dues
Sometimes I miss you more when I’m with you
Sometimes I think that I must be wrong
May be the girl just needs a reminder!
All the birds in the morning still sing along
He remembers to pick up the flowers today 
For no particular reason on Friday eve
And the stray dogs had a feast with all the leftovers
Even the crows were all full till the morning breeze
The sun rose above a cloud-less dawn
As she conquered the entire east
All I have to do is kiss your forehead
And you know there can be nothing we missed
Now I know this secret you don’t
You are the only girl who could fly.