Feb 14, 2013


Today I went passed a man without a shirt
His face appeared helpless, his body seemed hurt
The rain didn’t stop for him as he walked absurd
The pain I suppose no longer hurt
Something about his feet made me think of me
Perhaps I too shall walk alone and free
I felt pleasant for a moment or two
I hope he missed someone and someone missed him too
I realized the fast cars never stopped whizzing through
How invisible was he for me and you?
Nothing bothered him with the plastic on his head
I fail to think of anything at that moment instead
I wish I had a heart as massive as his soul
I pray I never meet you or know what you do!
Often the rain halt, giving him a break
I wonder if he noticed I wonder if he cared
I have nothing to tell you that you don’t already know
I have nothing to preach that will help you get through
I am another you with an alternative goal
Too hungry a stomach too empty a soul
Today I went passed a man without a shirt
Someday it won’t matter, someday it won’t hurt.
Today I went passed a man who bled
He was injured at his heart more than his head
He lay there unconscious as everyone else stared
None filled the form for the hospital instead
I knew he was helpless as I went passed
He still had hope left but no one to ask!
I remain responsible for his death today
I am his murderer, I am his grave
Unfortunate stories don’t interest you at all
Unsung heroes won’t ever be called
You won’t remember his name after he closes his eyes
You won’t even care to once say goodbye
He gave you his life through storms and hail
He grew rice during winter which your children threw away
Today you saw another man fall
It’s my fault I know and I shall pay the price
I’ll pay 20 more for every kilo of rice
I’ll boil it on my expensive granite
Where fire isn’t visible just iron and light
Today I went passed a man who died
I don’t know his name and I never cried.