Mar 3, 2013


The quest was for you to find what you had lost

Instead you were arguing about the autumn frost

Remaining stood baffled underneath the stars

As the birds flew away when you remorse

Many stood on the soil you stand on now

I’m sure they felt exactly like you somehow

And yet you often drift into your cocoon

Wasn’t the idea to let your ego bloom?

Sufficient attention has been wasted on your thoughts

Efficient ideas never really swam across

And yet the talent is that you feel the same

The entire universe seems small again

Re-invent the memories which made you feel despair

Eradicate the theories which got lost in the way

Someday believe me you will come home

To everything you once owned, loved and outgrown

Looking out the window were your most important thoughts

It was how you felt about it and now how much it costs

It’s true that you are pretty and all that jazz

And need constant reassurance on established facts

Nothing really changed since the day you were born

Nothing will remain after you’re gone

Since you started this the show must go on

One butterfly died, dead thus so long.