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Mar 31, 2013


For a moment less dramatic, and a silence secured
A day without screaming, so tears feel sore
By being misled or misunderstood
For me you’ve forgiven, forgotten to core
Better less emotion than drastic heartbreaks
Bigger to be alone than be lonely instead
Sometimes calm down rather laugh in your head
There are sparks of inertia lingering admits
A thought once conceived will never set you free
Ever single one will do its harm to thee
For my heart of steel and will at arms
It’s not wrong to think, if you can accept the chance
Never too late to bring back the memories you regret
Sooner than later you forgive and forget
Every thought is no longer as precious like I said
The days will seem longer than the sleepless nights in bed
The world’s smaller than what you thought it might
The energies that got wasted on giving us the light
Exhausted its powers on directionless fights
Yet my friend you keep looking for it right?
She calling you a cheater, you calling her a whore
Play with the same ideas till you come up with some more
Songs you listened to were so different before
Take all the space you needed to think
Make all the changes you wanted to bring
For-sake the night and day, only matter of a blink
Constant to her manners and the usual phone rings
Slower but steadier the days will fade
The pain will subside and the motions won’t ache
You will understand how futile was the blame
For the loss of a hero and death of a saint
Figures of speech will no longer make sense
The laughter that echo’s will flow out of your veins
No longer will the shadows resemble the bane
The world resurrected yet again.
What will you do different this time?
Change a few expressions alter some lines
Pretend you are better and brighter again
Pretend you are better and brighter again…
Mar 9, 2013


On the month of September, a day I don’t remember
I found myself standing at my window alone
Surrounded by footsteps and laughter from smugness
Which they gathered carefully form their experiences unknown
And yet I wonder what made them so tender,
But vicious and merciless to others mistakes
What once was the innocent habit of cruelty.
Transformed into addiction to directionless blame.
September, September, how I wish you were December,
Then I’d show you how shallow a month could really be,
Exploited by feelings so self cultivated that,
The harvest resembles the faces you see,
Surprising part is the mindlessness which gets
Often displayed at the presence of strange
I could never understand what joy you derive
Out of being September, not a month here or there
I’ve now grown to question my own intentions
For I feel so far away from what you just said
I don’t fit the box or the cube or the closet
Which you managed to built for yourself till today
I’m fine with myself now, I guess I’ve accepted,
That nothing I said ever made sense its true
Forgive me I wasted another 7 minutes
Now we can go back to thinking of you.
Mar 3, 2013


The quest was for you to find what you had lost

Instead you were arguing about the autumn frost

Remaining stood baffled underneath the stars

As the birds flew away when you remorse

Many stood on the soil you stand on now

I’m sure they felt exactly like you somehow

And yet you often drift into your cocoon

Wasn’t the idea to let your ego bloom?

Sufficient attention has been wasted on your thoughts

Efficient ideas never really swam across

And yet the talent is that you feel the same

The entire universe seems small again

Re-invent the memories which made you feel despair

Eradicate the theories which got lost in the way

Someday believe me you will come home

To everything you once owned, loved and outgrown

Looking out the window were your most important thoughts

It was how you felt about it and now how much it costs

It’s true that you are pretty and all that jazz

And need constant reassurance on established facts

Nothing really changed since the day you were born

Nothing will remain after you’re gone

Since you started this the show must go on

One butterfly died, dead thus so long.

Feb 4, 2013


When we first met it was all over
And I was too scared to try,
To cheer me up you told me a secret
You said you were the only girl in the world who could fly
We went around looking for happy faces
And I always wondered if they ever cried
You said their eyes have gone to heaven
All they have now is the sense of sight
On Sunday morning you woke me up early
Said you had some business with the world
You wanted to see if the birds are still singing
Or did they all give up on earth
I always wondered what made you so happy and
Why everyone else got so mind-fucked
Then I remembered what you once told me
You were the only girl who could fly
Last November it was raining
I felt it was strange but didn’t bother why
I think I knew you sometime December
And I forgot to ask you why!
You look at a blank paper like it is a painting
Of two people who look happy to be alive
I wish I had the life left in me
But then all my tears have run dry
There was something about the mornings
You believed that you could read the skies
Like they told you the night will wash over
And they’ve been fixing this problem since the beginning of time.
Why stray dogs are always so afraid
And why crows always steal and fly
But somehow the man walking home from work
Will always forget the flowers for his wife
I wondered what made you so happy and
Why everyone was so mind-fucked
Then I remember what you once told me
You were the only girl who could fly
Surprisingly I feel you’ve changed
And now you like listening to blues
And Mr. Bright-eyes as I reckon is yet to get the credit of his dues
Sometimes I miss you more when I’m with you
Sometimes I think that I must be wrong
May be the girl just needs a reminder!
All the birds in the morning still sing along
He remembers to pick up the flowers today 
For no particular reason on Friday eve
And the stray dogs had a feast with all the leftovers
Even the crows were all full till the morning breeze
The sun rose above a cloud-less dawn
As she conquered the entire east
All I have to do is kiss your forehead
And you know there can be nothing we missed
Now I know this secret you don’t
You are the only girl who could fly.
Feb 3, 2013


Run! Screams the ocean, or you’ll run out of land;
Every single motion was in your head before your hands;
So call all your people and mark all your stands,
Some left will be forgotten, un-loved and un-named,
Don’t turn around your head is in their hands,
And don’t make a sound you lips have no demands,
Fill Rum in my milk bottle and lead in my toy Gun,
And facebook me the venue “may be” I’ll drop by and have fun!
Cowards are your sons gave up their dreams,
Impudent are those who know what this means,
Outcast will outlast and forecast tomorrow’s day,
Sleep children sleep; I’ve been sleeping all the way,
Tighten your knot’s sailor, what wars can you fight?
What prison can you build to keep my mind ignite?
So burn all your books and run out the door,
Then we all work for needs be my prophet and my whore!
Buy me some food and cut me some wood,
And find me that phone number love if you could,
Fill Rum in my milk bottle and lead in my toy gun,
And after you kill me I’d like us to have fun,
We can be friends you and I like we used to before,
Except I don’t know you and you don’t know me anymore,
I heard you got married on Tuesday the fourth,
I missed the occasion week, the month and the year,
She said when we grow old she’d fancy grey hair,
And a garden in the front yard we’d have tea there,
I’d like to live with you like I’d always been there,
Find me my glasses and the bookmark’s on which page.
Father I forgive you, for you didn’t have a clue,
Mother I forgive you, for you didn’t know what to do,
My love I’m with you like I want you with me too,
And out of every one I lost touch I’ll miss me the most,
Fill Rum in my milk bottle and lead in my toy gun….
Feb 1, 2013


My fountain of Ego is running out of soul,
I found her standing aimless but bold,
I feel more strangled as the roads get wide,
I’m too tired to run and too scared to hide.
I started dreaming again, I’m not too sure why,
Perhaps I’m low, perhaps not high,
Needless conversations, senseless smiles,
I’m too tired to run and too scared to hide.
My fountain of Ego seems to have run dry,
I can’t find my tears, so how do I cry,
The faces I see everyday so bored,
Nobody’s playing and everyone scored.
Each street smells different every single day,
I never found god, so how do I prey,
I dug my own grave and buried my pride,
I’m too tired to run and too scared to hide.
My fountain of Ego has washed out and burned,
I started teaching before I learned,
I haven’t paid enough to get what I want,
Sometimes I surprise me, sometimes I can’t.
So speak my conscience why nothing to say,
I’ll see you tomorrow as I did yesterday,
No need for waiting its too late alright,
I’m too tired to run and too scared to hide.
So follow me my feelings, I’ve heard you too long,
This time I’m right and this time you’re wrong,
My fountain of Ego gave up my side,
My fountain of Ego against your ocean of pride.
Jan 26, 2013 / 1 note



Rise and shine Cupcake, the movie wasn’t that fake,
So walk around with duct tape, now that you found a clue,
Be kind to the rat race, for they invented fast pace,
In the middle of this circus, where did you lose your Glow?

Run down and lock the door, never saw the peacock snore?
The shades are not that low, the feelings still subside,
Who needs a zoo in a jungle? Who wants food when you’re hungry?
I’d have addressed your comfort, if you and I were thru.

Alkaline batteries, five point arteries,
Got a lid on your cavities, and the dentist was gay,
God had a hearty laugh, as he heard about the IT blast,
Called his wife and bought her flowers, screaming look how they lost their Glow!

Deserted were my prison cells, working on your oil wells,
Hi-risers on Times Square, with their porcelain insured,
Standing on the river banks, the fishermen and their broken wands,
Think about their dinner plans, where did we lose our Glow?

She watched him move the goods on dock, his hair was short and arms were long,
Resembling a good son to a drunken father dead, she felt alive no more,
He never saw another day, the boy the man and the tombstone grave,
So for the rest of her coffee break, where did she lose her Glow?

The ground shines with starlight, the stars never sparkled that bright,
The kite stuck in a dry leaf strike, as the electric wires sway,
I left as it stood low, my dreams have never seemed that slow,
I saw your shadow come too close and gave up some way.

Four matchboxes with no sticks, my head for me grew too thick,
I always knew I was a little sick, but then I never let me go,
So give me all I ever had, with the magic dust of your golden sack,
I don’t expect you to understand, just give me back my Glow.

I said you think I’m strong, whatever made me and you wrong,
I swear I wanted to play along, but it was not my day,
I wanted to be something great, so I broke everything I ever made,
All that remained is the after taste of what made me lose my Glow!

- AJ
January 31st 2011.